How Did Helene Mathieu Get Started in Dubai?

helene mathieu

Did you know that Helene Mathieu is a Canadian lawyer who has been in the UAE for over 22 years? She came to the UAE in 1994, which was a much different time. The Gulf War had recently ended and there were a lot of misconceptions about working abroad in the Middle East and Dubai in particular. Helene Mathieu actually said that when she decided to work for a friend and go to Dubai, she had to open up an atlas to find Dubai on the map.

Helene Mathieu started out on a six month contract to see if she liked the work she was doing and Dubai itself. Of course, as most people do, she discovered that she loved working in Dubai. She appreciated not only the exposure to a new culture and traveling, but the proximity to the arts and various attractions as well. Mathieu says she was also lucky that she arrived right before Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was appointed Crown Prince of Dubai by his older brother. The Crown Prince was an advocate for Dubai and established many new projects to encourage growth.

Seeing an opportunity here, Helene Mathieu decided it was time to start her own legal firm in Dubai. After appealing to the Office of the Crown Prince for a year and a half, she was able to obtain her own legal consultancy.  The process was very difficult, but she worked hard and opened Helene Mathieu Legal Consultants in 1998. As the country grew and the UAE opened up to the rest of the world, her legal firm has expanded its legal services as well. Helene Mathieu aims to be a one-stop service and assist her clients for all of their legal needs.

Helene Mathieu and her attorneys are committed to the pursuit of excellence based on their policy of straightforward communication and exclusive client care. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Helene Mathieu will always do what’s in the best interest of the client and provide sound legal advice and services to enrich her clients’ lives.